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Hi, my name is Sara!
Let me tell you a little bit about who I am and what I’ve learned about my family and what they do.
Let’s see…I’m a Royal Bahamian Potcake, born sometime in 2005 (they think) and was found and brought to The Humane Society of Grand Bahama with terrible scars and 9 puppies in tow. All of my babies found homes but I stayed for about a year. The nice people there were determined to find me a family so I was flown over to Florida where the kind people of the American Belgian Malinois Rescue (ABMC) helped me find my new forever home.
My Mommies, Marcia Sundberg and Melissa Gosik, both come from the corporate world.
Marcia grew up on a farm in Minnesota and has always been around animals. Beekeeping is her family’s business. She has lived in Florida for over 20 years now and her background is in accounting and photography.
Melissa is a true Florida native and has always had animals in her life. With over 20 years of contract engineering under her belt she felt it was time for a change.
I’m going to turn it over to Melissa now and she can fill you in on the rest of the story…I need a treat, sharing is hard work.
Thanks Sara, a treat well deserved.
Marcia and I share a common love of animals and wanted to do something that not only we enjoy but would benefit our furry kids and others as well.
We found our opportunity to make a dream come true when we bought Pookie’s Bow Wow Bakery in April of 2002.  Not only was the idea of a bakery for pets exciting to us, but also the broader purpose the store serves with its extensive line of wholesome and natural pet foods, treats, and supplements.
2002-2004 – As our business starts to grow, we had to deal with an extremely small space and limited parking for our customers.
2003 – With increasing Orlando metro traffic and wanting to better serve our customers home delivery becomes an option for our customers.
2004 – We find a larger space just a few buildings down and across the street about half a block away from the original location and relocate.
January 2006 - A loyal and expanding customer base gives us the confidence to open a second location on the west side of town between Ocoee and Windermere.
2007 – Pookie’s was awarded ‘Best Pet Supplies in Orlando’ under the category ‘Shopping’ by WESH 2/ CW18’s A-List. The honor goes to all of our wonderful and loyal customers who make us who we are. Thank you Pookie’s Family!
April 2007 - Our dedication to only stocking high quality products enables us to provide ample safe choices of food during the pet food recall. 
June 2007 - We re-name the stores Pookie’s Pet Nutrition & Bow Wow Bakery to better signify the scope of products and services we offer.
July 2007 - Best of Orlando 2007 Goods and Services - 3rd Place in the Best Pet Supplies category.
November 2007 – The new Pookie’s outdoor sign arrives making the Winter Park store easier to find.
January 2008 – Waiting patiently while bursting at the seams in Winter Park, the remaining third of the building became available and the store gets a much needed re-model.
January 2009 - We hosted our first annual RescueFest with great success.
July 2009 - Best of Orlando 2009 Goods and Services - 3rd Place in the Best Pet Supplies category.
August 2009 - In the August edition of Southern Living Magazine we were honored to be listed as one of their ‘Favorite Southern Pet Stores’.
January 2010 - We hosted our second annual RescueFest with even greater success.
June 2010 - We held our first Yappy Hour and intend to continue them on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at the Ocoee location.
July 2010 - Best of Orlando 2010 Goods and Services - 3rd Place in the Best Pet Supplies category.
October 2010 - City’s Best Orlando – The Easiest Way to Find What’s Best
January 2011 - We hosted our third annual RescueFest with even greater success.
July 2011 - Best of Orlando 2011 Goods and Services - 2nd Place in the Best Pet Supplies category.
On a typical visit to Pookie’s our customers first experience the aroma of the bakery as they walk in the door, and then are greeted by our experienced, friendly staff.  Our objective is to provide excellent customer service for all of our customers - whether they come to us in-store, over the phone, through the Internet, or if we provide home delivery to them.
Pookie’s supports various local rescue groups and pet related organizations and participates in educational community outreach programs on pet safety and pet nutrition.
 m & m sasha louise bentley
2007 was a very difficult time in that we lost all three of our long time companions:
Bentley, our Boston pet store rescue of 16 years
Sasha, our Chow Mix animal shelter rescue of 13 years &
Louise, our Shepard Mix animal shelter rescue of 13 years.
We love and miss them.  We definitively saw the positive effects of a healthy, nutritious diet and the difference it made in their lives.  Our motto - “Your Pet’s Nutrition is Our Mission”, was developed as a result of our care and concern for our four-legged children as well as all of our customers’ companions in the “Pookie’s family”.   We are always open to comments and suggestions and we welcome your feedback to improve our stores and our website.
Sara has a few more friends she would like to introduce to you. Take it away Little Potcake…
Yogurt Pookie's cookies are my favorite! Just a few more chomps and I’ll be ready. Okay here we go.
This is Ziggy
When I first arrived Ziggy didn’t want anything to do with me, at all! I’ve managed to win him over with my charming personality and now we even play. Ziggy has told me all about himself, and how he was rescued from the wilds of Christmas, Florida in 1994 as a kitten. He loves laps, talking, and treats (me too)! Most of all, he is in charge. Well, what cat isn’t?
(We are very sad we lost our beloved Zigman in April 2011. He will be sorely missed but is in good company with his late dog brother and sisters...Bentley, Sasha & Louise)
This is Jack
Photo by Le Puparazzi
Jack came to live with us in April 2008. He was born in 2005 and was adopted from the Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida after being rescued from a shelter with a broken leg. His leg is all better and he can play like a normal crazy Boston now, it’s amazing! Jack’s favorite game is tug of war, but we are yet to find someone strong enough to go two consecutive rounds with him. His nickname is Jackapotamus and he certainly can tell some stories when he talks.
This is Harlee
Photo by Le Puparazzi
Harlee is a Porkie or is she a Yorkeranian, she’s a Pomeranian/Yorkie. She was born in 2004 and visiting with us while her mommy is overseas working. Harlee enjoys laps, treats, food, chews and accompanying Jackie of Jackie’s Ark Pet Sitting when she goes to have coffee at Starbucks!
She also likes telling me what to do, which is a bit annoying at times, but I just let her say her piece and go about my business…LOL! Love you, mean it.
This is Chuck (and me)
Photo by Le Puparazzi
Chuck is a Chocolate Fawn Boston Terrier rescued from a shelter by St. Francis Society Animal Rescue. He is now my newest little brother and we’re guessing born about 2007ish. He had a bad case of Demodectic Mange and very skinny when he arrived but is now looking fabulous!  He very well could be my ‘boyfriend’, but don’t tell Jack. <grin> We all love him very much and even Ziggy has decided it will be alright for him to stay. Chuck is one sweet boy and teaching him what treats are has been great fun for all of us!
 I have one more very important family member to introduce.
Here’s Ethel (aka Miss Mouth)
Ethel has a huge family, which includes everyone at Pookie’s. People living in a house behind the store moved away and left her behind back in 2004. Everyone at Pookie’s took her in and gave her lots of love and whatever she wanted (mostly because she has a lot to say). Now she thinks she runs the place and her schedule is very busy. She lives in the office at night and plays outside sometimes during the day. Whenever there is something on her mind she won't hesitate to let you know and will repeat it until acknowledged.
She loves back scratches and chasing her tail!
Now that you have met everyone, we invite you to visit us and hope to see you soon!
CHOW (I love saying that!),


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