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Fromm Four-Star Duck À La Veg Dry Cat Food


My ferret, Bridger, suffered from loose stools when we brought him home, even after giving him two rounds of meds and switching to a couple of good-quality kitten diets (which we chose because kitten food is often better than the food marketed as being specifically for ferrets). I was beginning to despair when it was recommended that I try Fromm Duck À La Veg cat food in case Bridger's issues stemmed from a chicken sensitivity. After making sure that Fromm Duck À La Veg contained a ferret-appropriate blend of protein, fat, carbs, etc., I decided to give it a shot.

The difference is amazing. Wow! Not only is Bridger's tummy trouble a thing of the past (something for which we're all grateful), but he looks absolutely stunning; his coat is thicker, glossier, and softer than any other ferret I've owned. I'm really happy with Fromm Duck À La Veg, and I think Bridger is, too! He seems to enjoy the taste, and the small size of the kibbles is a bonus for a ferret.

Fromm Duck À La Veg: not just for cats! =)
Date Added: 11/20/2008 by Jess Allen


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