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Pookie's 7" Small 'PAWty' Birthday Cake

Ronnie Sargent
I was in a bit of a bind today as one of my 5 fur childrens birthday's creeped up on me. We have a tradition that for each of them, they always get a cake on their birthday. Of course the other four don't go without. I called around town to my normal place that is over in Doctor Phillips and was told that they couldn't make one for me. This sent me on a search. I visited the Pookie's webpage and saw they made cakes. I reached out and the folks there were so kind and understanding of my real dilemma as I was just going to have them make it and pick it up the next day. I explained that I was feeling guilty for forgetting and they said they could help me out today. I was able to pick it up by 1pm. (Not sure they can always do this but it helped relieve the grief I was feeling) The cake was 15 bucks (cheaper than my normal place) and was bigger and smells good enough to eat myself. Thanks to the folks at Pookie's for helping me out and allowing me to celebrate Penelope's birthday on time :) I will be seeing you 5 x's a year now for these great cakes! Thank you! ...

Kenic Oatmeal Spray for Dogs & Cats

Megan Schleiden
This product is amazing! I have two pit bulls with extreme skin issues including very dry, flaky skin which sometimes can turn red and bleed in places. I use this spray and their skin is so much better. Even in the first treatment, you will see a difference. I have tried many different products and this is the best!...

Pookie's 10" Large 'PAW'ty Birthday Cake

Krissy Paterson
My dog gets one of the cakes for her birthday every year and loves them! It takes her at least 4 days to finish the whole thing....

Fromm Four-Star Duck À La Veg Dry Cat Food

Jess Allen
My ferret, Bridger, suffered from loose stools when we brought him home, even after giving him two rounds of meds and switching to a couple of good-quality kitten diets (which we chose because kitten food is often better than the food marketed as being specifically for ferrets). I was beginning to despair when it was recommended that I try Fromm Duck À La Veg cat food in case Bridger's issues stemmed from a chicken sensitivity. After making sure that Fromm Duck À La Veg contained a ferret-appropriate blend of protein, fat, carbs, etc., I decided to give it a shot.

The difference is amazing. Wow! Not only is Bridger's tummy trouble a thing of the past (something for which we're all grateful), but he looks absolutely stunning; his coat is thicker, glossier, and softer than any other ferret I've owned. I'm really happy with Fromm Duck À La Veg, and I think Bridger is, too! He seems to enjoy the taste, and the small size of the kibbles is a bonus for a ferret.

Fromm Duck À La Veg: not just for cats! =)...

Pookie's 10" Large 'PAW'ty Birthday Cake

Terri Palamar
This is the best birthday cake! We are going on our 3rd year with our 3 dogs and wouldn't even think about going through a birthday without their favorite cake....

Pookie's Apple Cinnamon Biscuits, Small

carolyn aarsvold
These biscuits are the greatest. All I have to say to our 14 year old Schnauzer is "Pookie treat" and she automatically rolls over! It is the only treat that gets that kind of reaction from her!...


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